Top 10 tips for living environmentally

Before I attempt to ‘blog’ I thought it I should ease myself into this new world through a nice short and concise bullet point list. Here are my top ten tips for beginning to live an environmentally conscious life!

  1. No single use plastic– invest in your lifestyle, get a reusable coffee cup, some bamboo cutlery, and go back to old fashioned handkerchiefs and packed lunches!
  2. Plan your meals– not only does this help when going to the supermarket combatting food waste, but it reduces food packaging if you take some time to pack a lunch instead of buying on the go!
  3. Walk– got somewhere to be and its close enough to walk…then walk! Enjoy strolling your local area and contemplate using more public transport or cycling to reduce your carbon footprint!
  4. The Buyerarchy– ask yourself; do you need it? do you already have something nice? borrow from a friend? swap? charity shop? make? All of these steps show that there is a world of fashion and clothing to explore before hitting the high street or online!
  5. Cook from fresh– get your ingredients plastic free at the shops and cook from fresh; avoid packaging and non-recyclable materials!
  6. Sorting out your toiletries– recycled toilet paper, bamboo toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner bars, glass jar moisturisers…and many many more options to get that plastic out of your bathroom!
  7. CO2 matching– going on a holiday? Have you matched the CO2 on your flight? Many airlines now offer this at the checkout!
  8. Social media– find some amazing zero waste, environmental and eco-conscious social media pages to follow…get ideas and inspiration and stay on track!
  9. Shopping kit– get some produce bags for buying loose fruit and veg, take in your own tub for meat, fish and dairy, find a local vegetable box service, see if your local area offers milk in glass jars, find a bulk store near you!
  10. Slow down!– most importantly to reduce your impact and waste is to slow down, plan a little more, and prep your week! It is easier than you think to cut out the most common types of waste and single use plastic with a little investment into everyday reusable items, and planning your meals and outings!


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Published by lesswastelaura

I have a passion for our environment and everything in it. Living an environmentally conscious and as close to zero waste lifestyle as possible, I hope to advocate for environment and educate about the steps we can all take to tackle the big environmental issues! I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Dundee, and am currently studying for a Master of Science in Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh.

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